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I just want to be polite refined and well-spoken. The Struggle is real!

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Remember before the pandemic when we all wished for more time? And then we got it. Some of us used that time to build businesses, and some of us made sourdough (and, let’s be honest, some of us just ate the sourdough). Either way, it was time to reset and pivot. Fast forward four years, and now that we're back on the grind, I find myself wishing for another hard reset. Seriously, where did all that time go? And what did we do with it? Whether you’re a busy professional or an entrepreneur, you know the struggle to create harmony with all the chaos around. Trust me, I get it.


But guess what? It’s summertime—at least in the Northern Hemisphere—and everything inside of me just wants to get away. And you know what? We have choices. Lots of them. So what if we could do both? Instead of “keeping calm and carrying on” to the road to burnout and frustration, what if we retreated?

That's exactly what we're going to do with our Mink Jetsetter Business Retreat!


"No one ever said when 'I grow up I am going to be a boring adult.' You have choices, so do be. " -Monica M Henderson

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