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Behind the scenes of the "We Are So You Can" Podcast!!

I started this podcast behind the curve. My husband Kerry was in my usual spot on a call of his own. So I had to scramble quick, fast, and in a hurry to set up a photogenic spot to film this podcast in my bedroom. Moving a bench, a side table, and some throw pillows I strike the right balance of natural light from the window and scenic placement of do-dads to look professional even if I was awkwardly wedged between my bed and the wall. When I turn my camera on so she can see me, I catch a glimpse of how I look. Dear God!!

I reassure her that I will just need 5 minutes to settle and then we can get started. She waves me off stating that she still has some admin left to do anyway and she needs to run a few lines of my bio because she is not off-book yet.

I run over to my vanity in a hurried attempt to tame my mane, change my shirt and throw some lipstick on. My staccato dance of frantic movements is accented by the soundtrack of her stammering over the words in my bio with the occasional "How does this sound?" breaking up her melodic flow.

I finally wiggle myself back into my newly curated podcast spot and give her the signal that I am ready when she is. She finds the window on her screen that I was in and her face visibly notes the drastic makeover that took place since the last time she saw the screen.

She runs down some cues for me so that we can do this smoothly and hits the record button. She does the intro a couple of times with slight changes in emphasis. In each podcast, she asks every guest the same first question. She never saw my answer coming. I will not spoil it for you, but let's say, my life has some interesting parts.

For the entire podcast, I had goosebumps. I was on fire. I was locked in and all of the answers just came rolling out in fun and funny delightful anecdotes.

What I like about doing podcasts is that I get to find new ways to share my journey. The weird part is the more I share the more I learn about who I am. In this podcast, I realized that I have been in training to coach, consult and teach since I was a big sister to my brother Dont'e. It's not something I just decided to do a 38 but I have been in this for a while.

So what you should learn from this experience is that

  1. In life, the scenario may not always be ideal but you should do your best to show up in excellence anyway!

  2. You will always shine when you are living in your truth.

  3. The universe is always conspiring for your good so relax in the moment and trust that no matter what you are going to learn more about who you are!

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