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Be Yo🦋self Everyday | Say Yes to You Challenge: Track Your Accomplishments

On a regular basis, I teach the concept of six basic rights of personal growth... The second right is, " You have the right to take responsibility for your actions." Often we want to take responsibility for our mistakes. It is rare that we take time to take responsibility for the things that we did well. That's why today's challenge is a treat and important for self-care.

Day 2: Track Your Accomplishments

This challenge is all about focusing on the things that you completed and celebrating them. There are so many ways we can do this; I chose to check my accomplishments on an app called Trello.

Track Your Accomplishments

Trello is an app that is used for project management. I use it for every aspect of my life from grocery shopping to managing my business to even planning events. It has been a lifesaver in so many ways. There are other project management apps that you can use, but this is the one that works best for my learning and thinking style. If you were going to do this challenge with me feel free to use whichever project management app similar to Trello works best for you.

The Prep: Creating The Board

In Trello, I added a board so that I could track my accomplishments for this particular challenge separate from other boards that I am currently working on. I changed the background to the "Be Yo🦋self Everday image". I titled the list "Challenge accepted" and "Challenge completed." and then added emojis to the titles just because they made me happy. After, I copied the list from the PDF and pasted it as a card title. A Trello prompt asked me if I wanted 1 card or 37; I chose 37 and the cards were generated.

The Challenge: Creating the Cards & Graphics

Track Your Accomplishments

Step 1: Download the template or create your own in PowerPoint or Canva (I sell the PowerPoint template for $5 to raise money for MinkLIfe Jr College. Click here to purchase)

Step 2: Do the challenge in whatever order you can. Don't forget to make it your own and if you have photos of you recently doing that activity, it counts as long as you have a photo to prove it.

Step 3: Add your photo to the Square corresponding to the challenge number. If you are using the template, edit the picture on the side by changing the existing pictures with your own by right-clicking on the picture.

Step 4: Save the new image by taking a screenshot or exporting it as a photo. Now it is ready to post and use for your social media or as a reminder of another way you said yes to you!!

Step 5: Change the cover on the Trello card to be your new cover and hit the challenge completed button to complete the challenge.

Pros and Cons: Tracking the accomplishment

The Pros: This challenge made me refocus on how much fun each step of the challenge was. It made me feel more creative because I was focused on capturing the moment. I slowed down to enjoy it and capture it. Putting the stories in the cards also helps me relive the moments and how it makes me feel. I was able to do some arts and crafts and create a to-do list. It gave me something to look forward to and an excuse to do something that I wanted to do but could not justify before.

The Cons: This is time-consuming and a bit extra. But if you know me, everything that I do is a bit extra. If you want a simpler experience an old-fashioned written to-do list could do the trick. It is less fun, less creative, and less eventful, however, you can make it fun with sticker makers and other crafting items.

The Final Score: 5/5

I loved this. I loved how trying to take photos and create graphics allowed me to have something to express myself creatively. I enjoyed seeing myself check off things in my day-to-day that I may not have considered self-care. I also loved how it gave me space to capture the journey of my self-care.

Track Your Accomplishments
Be Yo🦋self Everyday | Say Yes to You Challenge

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Leave a comment, and share your experience trying this challenge!

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