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We are Real Friends

We are real friends. When You are a kid you make friends on the playground. When you are an adult you are friends with your colleagues

I am lucky to have a business that pays me to goof off with my friends. I am blessed to have friends who believe that the world is ready to support healthy wealthy full-filed living and are by my side to build that every day!!

Middle: Regyna Curtis, Atmaitri

Left: Yo The Joy Ignitor, Be🦋YoSelf

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1 Comment

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Jun 30

Yes! I love this photo of you with friends…

I’m also so grateful to have you all as my friends and colleagues… sharing the road with people who get you, who inspire you, who call you out when you’re in avoidance, give you a hug when you’re going through a tough phase, who guide you back when you’ve spun out, and celebrate you even when you can’t see the value at the moment.

This  is priceless! 💜🙏🏽💐


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