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Motivational Speaker

Monica M. Henderson, founder, and creator of MinkLife Motivation LLC, is a powerhouse global speaker who emboldens her audience to tap into their own zone of genius to create an impact in the world. She is a wife, mother, mogul, jet setter, and socialite who share her own personal struggles with social anxiety, failure, and fear to illustrate how to stop being pushed by pain and start being pulled by a vision. She shares how calibrating your life and maximizing your business can help you build a brand and boost your influence. She helps draw a simple path to living a life designed by you for you healthy wealthy and fulfilled.

Signature topics

  • Calibrate Your Life, Grow Your Business 

  • Activate Your Zone of Genius

  • Monetizing Your Passion

  • How To Be An Influencer In Real Life 

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"I love working with her"

-Matt Robinson

Monica connects people in a way I have never seen in 25 years of writing and marketing. She is dynamic and personable and I LOVE working with her and having the privilege to speak with her and to hear her speak to others.

"When Monica speaks she is activating a zone of genius in each individual person. "

-Leslie Marsh

There are 'Movers and Shakers' and then there are Forces of Nature, and this is Monica! When Monica speaks she IS activating a zone of Genius in each individual person. She inspires action, not just the notion of it. By sharing her enthusiasm, understanding and Heart, she will hold a mirror up to you and show you the potential you hold...and moreover she will guide you to make that potential a reality.

"One of the best.. "

-Joseph Edwards

Monica is a very dynamic speaker who brings lots of energy and excitement to her audience. She is experienced and a well-informed speaker on multiple topics. One of the best.

I am Monica M Henderson._I am committed to living my best life ever!__Photo Credit_ Ivy Re


"Monica is an amazing leader, mentor, speaker, and motivator"

-Sheri Mills

Monica is an amazing leader, mentor, speaker, and motivator. She really cares about her network and clients and wants to see them all succeed. She is a great connector and is always looking for power partners to join forces together to make magic happen.

"She's relatable and meets people where they are."

-Lisa Hammett

Monica is an engaging, motivating speaker. She's relatable and meets people where they are. When you meet Monica for the first time, you feel like you've known her for years.

"Monica is a heart-driven master at unpacking one's potential."

-Agathe Mathieu

Monica is a heart-driven master at unpackaging one's potential. Her passion to see us succeed is palpable.

"Monica is a creative genius, so passionate and talented."

-John Donnelly

Monica is a creative genius, so passionate and talented, her energy is incredible. Inspiring everyone with her vision.

Additional Topics 

Personal Development 

  • Self Care

  • Lifestyle/Finances 

  • Career

  • Romantic Partnership 

  • Caregiving/Parenting 

  • Friendship/Tribe Building

  • Spirituality

Business Development 

  • Leadership 

  • Business Processes 

  • Customer Service/Sales 

  • Human Resources/Team Building 

  • Product Development 

  • Market Blueprint/Pricing/Scaling

Brand Development 

  • Executive Voice/Brand Messaging 

  • Brand Materials 

  • Customer Experience

  • Company Culture/ Sales Team Support 

  • Brand Story

  • Marketing Strategy 

Networking Development

  • Personal Networking 

  • Presentations

  • Customer Recommendation 

  • Power Partnering/ Collaboration

  • Sphere of Influence 

  • Community Engagement/ Connecting to a Cause

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