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You spend time, energy, effort and money providing your team with techniques and ideas. Now give them what they really need – a system to execute.


Great ideas are not enough. Everyone on your team must be working together to achieve your business goals. Monica will show your team what it takes to execute at a high level and achieve their goals and aspirations in just 6 short weeks. Monica’s engaging and interactive sessions range from a 1 hour Keynote to a one day workshop, and offer fresh insight into what it takes to achieve greatness. 

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1 hour

The 1 hour Keynote will provide your group with the understanding of what it takes to perform at their best each and every day. They will learn about the power of MinkLife Principles, the Rebirth process and 6 key personal roles. Working these components into a strategy, your group will end the cycle of production peaks and valleys by aligning your life, style, business and networking. Monica gives them 6 things to do that day to begin to prioritize their business and exceed their goals. 

Half Day

3-4 Hours

The 3-4 hour Half Day training establishes the foundation that is covered in the Keynote and takes it further by taking your group through the paces. Monica helps them establish 6 week goals and build their first 12 week action plan. Helping them apply the weekly routine to ensure they execute their plan. 

Full Day 

5+ Hours

The Full Day training covers everything in the Half Day and in addition allows for deeper discussion and grounding. The extra time also allows for Monica to work with your team to create a compelling vision, build your 12 week action plan, do life mapping exercises, discuss effective time use, recalibrating and evaluation. 

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