We will work together as a TEAM for the common goal of helping each member’s business prosper through referrals.  We will earn one another’s trust and confidence by building strong relationships, educating one another about our businesses and conducting ourselves in a professional and ethical manner.  We will actively participate in positive ways in our TEAM chapter to maximize every member’s success.  In this way…

         Together Everyone Achieves More. 

Member's Creed

How Team Works 

How Team Works 

Each week our members meet for 90 min to grow their businesses through referrals. People only do business with people that we like and trust. TEAM meetings are designed to build a strong referral funnel by our 3 main activities:

Our Meeting Format

  • Meet and Greet (informal networking)

  • President opens meeting, introduces the TEAM Leaders.

  • Network Training

  • Vice President and Membership Council Report

  • Treasurer Report

  • MVP Awards/Recognition (as needed)

  • Member’s give “One Minute Business Commercial”

  • Chapter Ambassador introduces visitors. Visitors stand and give “One Minute Business Commercial”

  • President gives the Speaker Lineup for the next several meetings; introduces the speakers, and speaker(s) give their Presentations

  • Referrals and Highlights

  • President hands out applications/invites visitors to join the TEAM.

  • Door prizes, other drawings and announcements

  • Meeting ends with a motivational quote for the week!

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Increased SEO

Our highly searched website raises your presence on the internet making YOU more searchable.

Improved Speaking & Presentation Skills 

Dedicated time at each meeting to refine your skills and clarify your message.

Accountability Coaching 

Learn and share business experience and expertise with fellow members. Work smarter, not harder.

Leadership Development 

Discover the skills to become a highly effective leader in your business and in your community.

Network Training 

New techniques to improve your networking efforts with tried & true tips provided every week.



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