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“It’s fine, everything happens in divine timing.”

Living life with extreme faith is not for the faint of heart. It means that your faith must be the thing that you lean on when all of the options seem to suck. But if you think about a flower. They bloom when the conditions are right.

For many, many months the plant has been working with nothing to show for its work. Then one day the flower begins to bloom for the entire world to see. The flower doesn’t get upset because others are blooming before it. It just blooms when the time and conditions are right for itself.

Being a late bloomer, I often needed to remind myself that the timing for things in my life would not look like it does for someone else. What I wanted to become would only manifest because of my choices. So many of my choices were unconventional. I made choices that there was little example of success but I knew they were right for me.

The divine timing for me is just for me. When my mind, body, and soul align just so, it will be my time. There is quiet work happening under the surface. I just have to stay the course, continue to do the inner work, and wait for my day to bloom. There are times when the process is painfully slow. There were times when it was so slow that I couldn't see it happening myself. There were times when I thought maybe I chose a path that was impossible or too hard but I am blooming now baby! Now the world is finally recognizing, what I have known all these years. It is possible to build a life designed by me, for me, healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled.

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