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"Whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light" -Luke 12:3

Sun moon light dark
Post it Doodle by Monica M. Henderson

Last night, I had a dream about my grandmother who passed on in 2022 which left me intrigued and bewildered. It wasn't unusual for her to appear in my dream. Since her passing, it seems she's chosen me as her favorite granddaughter in the afterlife. Hashtag afterlife goals!

In this particular dream, she was healthy and walking. Her skin was healthy and glowing, her jheri curls were luscious and poppin'. She was a double amputee walking on nubs in a completely not-only-in-your-dream-this-normal kind of way. (Still not sure what that was all about) She walked into the living room of her house and we were all shocked. How is this possible? I remember questioning "How are you here? We buried you, I was there."

Her response was "My boyfriend was secretly poisoning me and that's why my heart stopped and I started breathing but now I'm alive to tell you what happened."

When I woke up I was confused, Was that a dream or reality? Where am I now? Oh Shit! I overslept.

I gathered myself to start working as usual but I couldn't shake my feeling of vertigo. Once I was firmly back in this reality, I was still having a hard time focusing. I've got to snap out of this. I threw on Andre 3000's flute album and put pen to paper. (Sidenote: He was one of my favorite rappers, so having him on my meditation journey is a whole vibe.)

Once I put pen to paper, this little doodle came forward. The words "what is done in the dark must come to the light" began to circulate in my mind. At first, my C.O.G.I.C. programming of the quote, that the sins in the dark will come to the light, came forward. (Chile, that programming runs deep!) Then I started to feel bad because I lost my ability to recall what chapter and verse it was. I reminded myself that that wasn't important and began to lock in on coloring and channeling the meaning of my dream.


The dream and the picture were telling a message about the power of thoughts and their impact on our reality. The dream about the grandmother coming back to life and revealing a dark secret suggests the idea that hidden or suppressed thoughts may have consequences and can affect our well-being. The doodle of the light on top and its mirror image in the dark at the bottom serves as a visual representation of the interplay between positive and negative thoughts. The more I thought about it I began to understand that the dream, the doodle, and the scripture were all about our thoughts not about sin, attempted murder, or Grandma being resurrected; although I can't lie this would have made a great murder mystery plot line.

When our thoughts are dark, we manifest darkness all around us. Conversely, when our thoughts are light we manifest light. As I reflected on my own actions, some thoughts ruled my day that only served up more of the same. Lack created more lack and abundance created more abundance. My GG (Gansta Grandma) from the other side was reminding me to mind my thoughts because I may be inviting negative energy unknowingly.

She was right. We need to be mindful of our thoughts and actively reframe our thoughts to be in service to our highest good, so we can actually manifest what we desire instead of what we don't want.

If what we focus on expands, why not focus on the good? Thanks, GG for the lesson. Thanks for reading my musings!

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