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The Conflict Within

Do you ever feel like you’re in conflict with yourself? I do all the time. It’s like having three different people inside me with three different agendas, all fighting to see who’s in charge. Picture a chaotic boardroom meeting with your mind, body, and soul as the main contenders. Spoiler alert: it’s hilarious and exhausting.

One day, in a desperate attempt to make sense of this madness, I decided to doodle. Doodling is my go-to therapy session, and that day, I gave faces to these three warring factions inside me. What emerged was a revelation: my mind, my body, and my soul, all vying for the top spot in the hierarchy of me.

Here’s where it gets interesting—and a bit like a sitcom. Each part of me has its own distinct voice and catchphrase, like characters from a TV show.

My Mind: The overachieving, overthinking workaholic. Its catchphrase? “I gotta figure it out.” My mind is like that friend who plans everything down to the minute detail and has a spreadsheet for every occasion. It’s always busy plotting and solving problems, often turning molehills into mountains.

My Body: The primal, demanding diva. Its mantra? “I need it.” Whether it’s food, sleep, or a spontaneous dance break, my body is always in touch with the physical world, demanding attention like a hungry toddler. When it’s not happy, trust me, everyone knows.

My Soul: The serene, hippie whisperer. Its voice? “I can feel it.” My soul is like that friend who’s always calm, meditating, and talking about chakras. It’s deeply connected to emotions, intuition, and the universe. It’s the part of me that feels everything intensely, from a beautiful sunset to a sad puppy video.

The Battle for Control

The interactions between these three are pure comedy gold. Imagine trying to focus on work (mind’s in charge), but your body is screaming for a nap, and your soul just wants to go outside and commune with nature. It’s like trying to herd cats, if the cats had very strong opinions about everything.

There are moments when one wins and the others grudgingly step aside. For instance, when I’m deep in a Netflix binge (body’s in charge), my mind’s plans and my soul’s reflections are nowhere to be found. Other times, my mind takes over, and I’m furiously working on a project while ignoring my body’s cries for sustenance and my soul’s pleas for a break.

But it’s not always so clear-cut. There are times of intense conflict, like when my mind is obsessing over a deadline, my body is demanding pizza, and my soul is yearning for some deep, meaningful conversation. It’s like watching a soap opera unfold, with all the drama but none of the resolution.

Finding Balance

The key, I’ve found, is balance. It’s like being a referee in a game where the rules are constantly changing. I’ve started to make it a practice to check in with all three voices regularly. I ask myself, “What does my mind need right now? What does my body need? What does my soul need?” This simple practice helps me navigate the internal chaos with a bit more grace (and a lot more humor).

So, if you ever find yourself in a similar internal tug-of-war, try giving your mind, body, and soul a voice. Listen to what they’re saying and see if you can find a way to honor each one. After all, they’re all part of who you are, and each one deserves to be heard—even if they sound like a dysfunctional yet lovable sitcom family.

Here’s to finding harmony within ourselves, one laugh at a time.


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